theunknown movie
This is a student project dedicated to a movie for a final year project .

The short movie is about a man who can’t comprehend reality anymore. He’s become an extremely paranoid man who feels the world is against him. Some ways one can’t blame to feel for him as the “short” is set in present time and the character lost his job as a bricklayer and also lost his girlfriend due to constant arguments and financial trouble.
They bought a house together before the “credit crunch” happened. Before this everything was going great money was flowing in and the fun times were happening. Then bills started piling up and just like cement if left out for too long so did the work.
He sees things that aren’t there. He has become a “hermit” not leaving his house, for a few months, and due to financial trouble he brought in two “looser” lodgers to help ease the pressures of the bills.

As this is my final major project, I am doing the directing and doing most the acting! The majority of the time I have these brainwaves or flashes of ideas and realise that there’s no one to help me even to hold the camera so I got a mini tripod and have using in some weird places.

After reading Mike Figgis insightful book “digitial film making” about his “figrigs” I don’t have the expertise to make one of them, but I did notice the tripod looking on done on me from high on a stool, table or where I could get it. I remeber trying out one of the final scenes of the movie and working by myself wondering how i could get the best possible access to show my arms getting infected by imaginary bugs.

The tripod itself was too short to get an overview or a towering style format as the idea I had thought many times in my head, so igot out an old trusty chair from my kitchen and it seemed to work fine.

Shooting some scenes at the “quay” where interesting, some people walking past wondering to themselves “who on earth is that weirdo???” As i was acting away to myself and not trying to be conscious about it. You do get some strange looks or some people looking strangley at your equipment when your shooting something a few feet away something I was always conscious about. The last thing I want to loose is my rather expensive camera!


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